Marketing Skills Development Managerr

جنسیت : تفاوتی ندارد
تهران , تهران (محدوده شمال غرب)
نوع همکاری : تمام وقت
778 روز قبل
تعداد پرسنل : بیش از 1000 نفر

. میزان حقوق : توافقی
. جایگاه سازمانی : مدیر میانی
. دسته بندی شغلی : تبلیغات، بازاریابی و مارکتینگ، تحقیقات بازار

شرح وظایف و مسئولیت های این شغل
. Develop, propose and maintain an organizational structure that is in line with Goldiran best practices and reflects local market evolution.
. Manage the 'organization fit', smooth implementation, and maintenance in the market of all centrally produced marketing development initiatives.
. Ensure the organization achieves marketing excellence by improving performance shortfalls and enhancing the development of individual staff.
. Establish an implementation plan on organization structure, recruitment and development priorities, that meets the needs of the organization by agreeing with the brand and trade marketing and distribution managers.
. Support line management in the recruitment of new marketing and distribution personnel up to AM/BM level to ensure that the highest caliber of staff is selected and ensure that the recruiting process is appropriate for the marketing organization's needs.
. Ensure all marketing development programmes are undertaken to the highest level in order to ensure that marketing development objectives are met in full.
. Develop and implement a career plan for all marketing functions.
. Develop a training and development strategy for marketing staff by identifying training priorities and needs from the measurement of marketing performance, line management briefings, and individual appraisals.
. Monitor induction, continuous and developmental training of all marketing staff in order to assist line management in the area of on-job training.
. Evaluate employee development effectiveness through assessment of Goldiran development modules, locally produced development programmes and the degree of performance improvement amongst marketing staff in order to provide amendments and solutions.
. Manage the translation and adaptation of centrally produced development programmes and the production of local programmes to ensure that all required resource materials are available to support the implementation plan.
. Manage employee development budgets to ensure investment and resource is used in the most effective and efficient manner.
. Ensure smooth implementation of annual marketing convention program and develop the theme for the marketing department, drive the theme throughout the year.

شرایط عمومی احراز این شغل
. Approximately 5 years of experience in marketing. Preferably worked in management positions in both brand marketing and trade marketing functions.
. Excellent communication skills.
. Strong leadership and motivational skills.
. Multi-lingual (English and local language).
. Coaching skills.
. Expert in presentation skills.

شرایط کلیدی احراز این شغل
. جنسیت : تفاوتی ندارد
. وضعیت تاهل : تفاوتی ندارد
. بازه سنی : تفاوتی ندارد
. میزان سابقه کار : حداقل 5 سال
. مقطع تحصیلی : کارشناسی
. وضعیت نظام وظیفه : پایان خدمت یا معاف دائم
. رشته تحصیلی : تبلیغات، بازاریابی , مدیریت بازاریابی
. زبان های مورد نیاز : انگلیسی,
. مهارت های مورد نیاز :

فن بیان,

اصول و فنون مذاکره,

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