Event Planner

جنسیت : تفاوتی ندارد
تهران , تهران (محدوده شمال غرب)
نوع همکاری : تمام وقت
155 روز قبل
تعداد پرسنل : بیش از 1000 نفر

. میزان حقوق : توافقی
. جایگاه سازمانی : کارشناس
. دسته بندی شغلی : تبلیغات، بازاریابی و مارکتینگ، تحقیقات بازار

شرح وظایف و مسئولیت های این شغل
. Event planning, design, and production while managing all project delivery elements within time limits.
. Liaise with clients to identify their needs and to ensure customer satisfaction.
. Conduct market research, gather information, and negotiate contracts prior to closing any deals.
. Provide feedback and periodic reports to stakeholders.
. Propose ideas to improve provided services and event quality.
. Organize facilities and manage all event details such as décor, catering, entertainment, transportation, location, invitee list, special guests, equipment, promotional material, etc.
. Ensure compliance with insurance, legal, health, and safety obligations.
. Specify staff requirements and coordinate their activities.
. Cooperate with marketing and PR to promote and publicize events.
. Handle any arising issues and troubleshoot any emerging problems on the event day.
. Conduct pre-and post-event evaluations and report on outcomes.
. Research market, identify event opportunities, and generate interest.

شرایط عمومی احراز این شغل
. Proven experience as an events planner or organizer.
. Impressive portfolio of previously managed events (weddings, meetings, parties, and corporate events).
. Excellent time management and communication skills.
. Sales skills and ability to build productive business relationships.
. Ability to manage multiple projects independently.
. MS Office proficiency.
. Willing to submit references from previous clients.

شرایط کلیدی احراز این شغل
. جنسیت : تفاوتی ندارد
. وضعیت تاهل : تفاوتی ندارد
. بازه سنی : تفاوتی ندارد
. میزان سابقه کار : تفاوتی ندارد
. مقطع تحصیلی : کارشناسی
. وضعیت نظام وظیفه : تفاوتی ندارد
. رشته تحصیلی : تبلیغات، بازاریابی , مدیریت بازاریابی
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